Investigation, or problem solving  


Whether your a homeowner or business owner the chances are that you have no  experience, training  or knowledge of how or what protocols or procedures should be followed post disaster. The arrival of a fire and flood restoration contractor with a straight tie, shiny van and clip board even with a certificate of training is no gauge of competence.

You can get independent disaster advice from our free information web site. (Link)

WARNING All major agancies now accept that if your home is wet more than three days, allergenic or toxic mould may  develop which may cause serious health effects. See Flood Victim support (Link)

From inspecting thousands of properties over 20 years I have no hesitation in stating that almost every restored home inspected  had hidden or latent damage with many contaminated even after  supposed decontamination.

We investigate problems on your behalf and provide expert opinion in report.

We will undertake site investigation to ensure that your property has been decontaminated and dryed properly.


Restoration Problems?  
We investigate problems in the restoration of your home or building after fire or flood damage.
We assess if the property has had a suitable scope of work established in light of known or latent or hidden damage and secondary damage issues. We assess the claim process to identify if damage has escalated and exactly how contractors have addressed the various issues of:

Potential health and safety risks from
  • Electric shock
  • Asbestos , always presumed to be present in “Artex”®
  • Allergenic mould (usually present after 3 days of high moisture content)
  • Toxic mould usually present in buildings after 3 weeks See new paper from World Health
Hygiene & Sanitation
  • Cleaning and removal of contaminates from flood
  • Assessment of sanitation procedures and likelihood of success
  • Type of sanitising agent and application methods
  • Residue contaminates
Indoor Air Quality
Air Sampling to identify the presence of various contaminates:
  • VOCs
  • SVOCs
  • Mould Viable & non Viable
  • Bacteria
  • Up to 380 Chemicals for Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
Drying Completion or Standards
  • Survey to assess moisture content
  • Failure to dry in a reasonable time
  • Latent or hidden damage, Corrosion –Rot-Mould
You can discuss your problems on our web audio visual conferencing facility and receive one to one expert advice or book a site visit . See for pre payment options in the consultancy section.

Infra red surveying is just one of the tools used to identify pre-loss conditions or improve drying regimes.

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