Dissatisfied with the result of your fire or flood claim or restoration?

  • Think you might have continuing health and property damage issues?
  • Its not surprising as most contractors can’t prove they did anything properly and you may have a claim for personal injury and material damage
  • We now provide seamless end to end claim support to assist you in your claim against contractors and insurers sometimes with conditional fee arrangements.

How we can help with expert advice:

  • Most people have little or no experience or qualification of fire or flood events and tend to believe what contractors tell them.
  • There are no national standards in fire or flood recovery or protocols.
  • No contractor in the UK has achieved nationally recognised certification or accreditation
  • No two contractors follow same procedures and some may take over a year to dry your property
  • Inspections show most properties are poorly restored and often have  latent damage and health issues
  • Contractor membership of Trade association, BDMA or  IICRC or ASCR or any  qualification is no guarentee of competence.
  • Sir MIchael Pitt in his government sponsored review agreed with us. (See Pitt Review of 2007 NE Floods)


  • We help individuals, companies and local communities!
  • Triage assessments
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Disaster recovery advice
  • Crisis management

Want to know how competent we are? What awards we have won?

  • We support you and investigate building restoration  problems:
  • Drying problems and residual issues
  • Drying failures and causes
  • Presence or levels of contamination
  • Toxic mould and asbestos surveys and analysis 
  • Indoor air quality assessments
  • Drying, sanitation or restoration goals
  • Occupant health issues
  • Re occurring damage markers

 We provide independent claim audit and analysis of:

  • Management and time line issues to claim closure
  • Drying regimes and performance
  • Loss adjuster management and decision making process
  • Mitigation and salvage issues
  • Pre loss conditions and restoration goals
  • Scope of works and possible drift
  • Drying and sanitation procedure best practice
  • Restoration and replacement decisions
  • Contractor competence and procedures
  • Equipment levels and its maximum effect
  • Time line and cost generally
  • Monitoring and results 


Infra red surveying is just one of the tools used to identify pre-loss conditions or improve drying regimes.

EXPERT WITNESS for Clyde & Co  

“Instructed as an expert in court proceedings, pursuant to the CPR, by Clyde & Co LLP. The proceedings involved water damage. The case settled at mediation after service of expert reports."

Davinder Chahatwal
Clyde & Co

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